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Global Trader 365

Global Trader is all in all a very good broker. Perhaps not as well know as some other broker, but since they have been around since 2011, they are a smooth organization. This is the only broker on this website that doesn’t feature a free demo account, but since this is an excellent broker and the deposit is only $150, I mention the here anyway. The thing is that they do offer a demo account but only if you deposit the minimum. For some of you this will not be a problem at all, while for others it will certainly be. It totally depends on what you are trying to achieve. I have traded with this broker and I can say they are as good as anyone else. Personally I think that this is a really good broker for a beginner which needs a really good training course. This is one of the main strengths of Global Trader. Another good thing is the nice ITM returns which goes as far as 85%, of course without ant OTM payout but then again 85% is really good. As you have understood by now Global Trader 365 is a broker to count on and you should definitely have them in your mind when selecting a broker. For a rookie trader we would recommend iOption though.


Since this is a SpotOptions broker they number of assets on offer to clients are plentiful. You should have no problem finding an asset to trade. They are inline with other brokers on this platform on the number of assets available, so if you are thinking about other brokers on the same platform count this broker in as well. At this level there are small differences between brokers, so some brokers might have an asset another doesn’t. Usually these assets are not worth even thinking about if you are new to trading since they are usually not the most traded. Always choose an asset that you like and preferably one with high liquidity. If you don’t know you can always choose one of the well known currencies like EUR/USD or an index, for example SP500. These have lots of liquidity and have nice and smooth trends that are easier to trade than most stocks or commodities.


The brokers on the SpotOption platform are probably over hundred by now. Most of them are very new and struggling to get by. Global Trader on the other hand has been around for a couple of years and run a smooth operation. The SpotOption platform is very reliable and can be trusted to work fine. Global Trader offers all the usual features and options you would expect from a broker at this level. There are the larger charts, referred to as Pro Trader at Global Trader. Trade with these charts is better but in reality you should better use a free charting service like TradingView since it gives you a better way to do your analysis and get that strategy of your working to the hilt. The usual binary options are on offer, High/Low, OneTouch and 60 seconds. Stay with the High/Low if you are a beginner since these are the easiest. Most novice trader make the mistake and think the 60 second options are easier since they expire faster but that is not the case. In reality you want the extra time for the trade to develop in the direction you have predicted it to go.


One of the reasons we have used this broker is the excellent support and training available. It plays a role that they have been in business for a while because it makes the support so much better. One thing you should take advantage of is the training and education this broker has available. Support is one thing and it’s pretty easy to get right, but training and education is a bonus offered to clients and it costs money to set up and operate. That’s why few brokers offer it because it needs more personnel and especially educated employees that know their stuff. There are video courses available targeting different levels of trading knowledge. It’s really good to take part in these since it will open your eyes to the world of trading in a way that you had no clue about before. Trading can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be.

How to get a Global Trader demo account

The Binary Options Demo Account with Global Trader is easy to get – just deposit and ask! Since the deposit is so small ($150) it might not be a hurdle for some. Anyway you have to fill in with your real credentials. So the difference is just the deposit. With Global Trader you just ask for them to set up the demo account when they have verified the account. Make sure they have it available because sometimes brokers will change their mind about these demo accounts and you will end up without one.


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